Pc's for dummys

What They Do

The computer parts like what I said in the last page are like our human organs each part is important well except for our apendex.

What they Do

This is basicly a list of what they do.

CPU/processor-Carrys out commands. so when you click or type it tell the computer to do it on the screen

Motherboard-baasicly connects everything in the computer

Power supply unit-gets the power from wherever it's plugged into and makes it to the power it needs

RAM (random access memory)-temporaroly saves information untill you turn off the computer which is why its important to save!

Hard drive-this is where everything is stored untill you delete it from the hard drive

Video card/Graphics Card-this basicly is what lets you see things in the moniter the better the video card the better the graphic. VERY important if you are a PC gamer

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