Snowwhite is the best dog EVER and i can prove it!!!

The proof

Its simple no dog is better than my dog she's really friendly and is nice to everyone! even though she likes to bite the heck out of you she is just trying to play with you. She also knows how to do some tricks like roll over and sit and lay down sure you need a treat in your hand so she listens but still she could still do it.

happy happy dog

One of My Favorite reason why she is the best

One of my favorite reasons why she is BEST DOG THAT EVER EXISTED is she doesn't run away when the doors open she may go outside sometimes to poop or mark her territory on the front lawn but she doesn't run super far and gets lost and then i need to go after her to find her. And if she does start going a bit too far i just need to call her name so she could come back.

She's also a tough dog her mom and dad passed away and her sister all from old age except for her sister she fell into the pool and drowned :( but my dog is still happy and healthy

lol you suck


My dog may be tough and awesome but she still isn't a big scary guard dog. I once wanted know what would she do if an house robber climbed over the gate and went to are back yard and entered the house so i got my friend that she didn't know and told him to hop over the gate and enter the house which was unlocked. While he was climbing snow white was barking a lot but when he got to the other side she started booking it to the far end of the backyard so ya she isn't a really good guard dog but shes my dog so i don't really care :)

dogy go woof woof